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Workplace Wellness Done Better

HealthState takes a data-centric approach to workplace wellness, empowering decision makers with high-level, aggregated reports on the company’s health and wellness. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of corporate wellness by providing you with the tools and features needed to make better wellness decisions.

Whitepaper and Case Study

See how Mission Healthcare used HealthState and achueved far above average participation rates, provided excellent benefits to their employees, and obtained valuable aggregate data insights thath were used to highlight the key areas of focus for their current and future corporate wellness initiatives.

Employee Benefits

With HealthState, each of your employees will have access to numerous health and wellness benefits designed to empower them in their personal wellness journey. These benefits include:

HealthConfirm At-Home Testing Kits

Choose between any of the 12 HealthConfirm testing kits to provide your employees with at-home testing kits for traditional biometric health indicators, hormone testing, mental health, and more.

Online Stress Management Training Program

Your employees will have access to the SelfHelpWorks ‘Living Easy’ online program. This cognitive behavioral training program teaches employees healthier ways to manage and react to stress.

Access to 24/7 Telemedicine

24/7/365 access to doctors for non-emergency medical conditions. Employees can discuss their Health Risk Assessment results, HealthConfirm testing results, or any other concerns they may have.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Questionnaire

A physician-backed questionnaire that uses self-reported answers to assess employees’ personal health risks. The assessment will shed light on areas of improvement and risks ranging from everyday habits to disease risk.

Individual Plans for Wellness

Based on the results of their HRA, HealthState will generate personalized wellness plans for employees that address areas of improvement.

Wellness Challenges

Company-wide competitions where employees can win prizes and rewards. Admins can design challenges that meet the specific needs identified in your employee’s aggregate health data.

Earn Incentives and Rewards

Employees can earn points for completing tasks, i.e taking the Health Risk Assessment, completing a wellness plan, etc…. The terms are completely customizable by admins, and employees can use their rewards points to claim prizes.

Advanced Health and Wellness Reporting

With HealthState, your HR/Administrative team can view high-level, aggregate reporting on the company’s health and wellness data. These aggregate reports show a snapshot of your company’s health, and can pinpoint the specific areas of improvement for you to focus on in your corporate wellness initiatives.

With HealthState, you will have access to aggregate reports on:

Health Risk Assessment Results:

  1. Disease Risk
  2. Current Disease Status
  3. Weight Management (Body Mass Index)
  4. Smoking
  5. Exercise
  6. Diet and Nutrition
  7. Alcohol Consumption
  8. Dental Health
  9. Sleep Pattern
  10. Stress and Depression

HealthConfirm Testing Results:

Aggregate reporting helps you get a detailed understanding of the health and wellness of your company through a variety of areas:

  1. General Hormone Testing
  2. Stress Hormone Testing
  3. Neurotransmitter Testing for Mental Health
  4. Traditional Biometric Indicators
  5. Heavy Metals and Vitamins

This actionable data helps you to take the guesswork out of wellness, and design smarter wellness programs.

Data Privacy

Our goal is to empower you with the tools to create tailored wellness programs, provide employees with the means to engage in those programs, and support your entire company in growing healthier together.

Aggregate Reporting

The most beneficial wellness programs only come when an employer understands the needs of its employees. That’s why we partner with companies to safely and anonymously gather employee health insights across the entire company. These insights come from anonymized data gathered through:

  • Health Risk Assessment results
  • Company-sponsored HealthConfirm testing kit aggregated results

Employee Privacy - Our Top Priority

It’s important to note that employees’ individual data is completely anonymous and is only viewable in large aggregate summaries. You can view these aggregate reports to make more informed decisions on which wellness programs to select for your company. It is our mission to equip you with the tools to create tailored workplace wellness programs that specifically meet the needs of your company and improve each employee’s individual health and wellness

We are ISO Certified and HIPAA Compliant

ISO Certified: Our company is ISO 13485:2016 certified, wich recognizes that our company meets the standards developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This certification is proof of our commitment to quality and our ongoing effort to offer our customers and partners the best possible products and services.

HIPAA Seal of Compliance: The Compliancy Group's Seal of Compliance is the recognized third-party HIPAA compliance verification standard for healthcare professionals, vendors and IT professionals accross the healthcare industry. Receiving the Seal of Compliance demonstrates our commitment to holding the highest standards of privacy and safety for our customers personal health information.

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